women who ride bikes. period.

How we roll.

We ride every Monday
We strive to promote and encourage women's cycling in Houston.

This group is a conglomeration of ladies and friends who ride bikes. The rides stop at bars and other fun places, to drinky drank and talk girl smack. To be clear, we welcome anyone who identifies as a woman and/or is non binary and/or trans! The goal of this group is to provide a safe space for women to enjoy Houston's growing cycling community.

The meet-up is every Monday evening around 7 p.m. Carnegie Van Guard High School (Taft/West Gray) on top of the parking garage. Roll out is about 7:15 p.m.

New riders, please note that it is necessary to bring a bike lock, lights for riding at night, drivers license or ID (for bar entry) and cash or credit card.

A few of the girls.


Ms. Miles


Master Planner


Brings the Fun!


Namaste Cyclist

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